Teaching During A Pandemic: Challenges and Adaptation

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With the pandemic striking the whole world, there have been huge impacts on all the systems including the education system. An educator or teacher already needs to keep upgrading their knowledge base to impart the latest educational understandings to their students. Now in the current scenario, educators need to also update their pedagogical ways of teaching especially in the virtual world. Some administrative practices related to teaching like taking attendance are being addressed gradually with the help of solutions like attendance tracking apps.

In the United States, some states are facing the challenge of not having enough information to adhere to during the re-opening of schools. Teachers in these states have not been updated on what to do if and when a Covid-19 related situation arises, for example, sanitary provisions, Covid-19 symptoms among students, etc. Most teachers who are in the midst of a crisis do not have sufficient spare time to organize their day related to teaching. It can create a ‘domino effect’ within the classroom.

Above all, by law, teachers are required to keep their professional licenses active throughout their careers. Many schools are now making it mandatory that teachers seek accreditation. It burdens the educator with additional educational costs. This often impacts the quality of education provided. The teachers must be aware of the current trends impacting the education field. Educators must stay abreast of changes in their state and across the country.

This quick guide will help you with some tips to improve your teaching productivity and efficiency.

7 Ways to Improve Teacher’s Productivity or Efficiency With The Students

Teaching efficiency is one of the most debated topics in education. Guide to improve teaching productivity and efficiency shows you the various teaching aids you can use to your advantage.

  • Incorporate Fun: Children enjoy learning and doing fun things. Getting a lesson or project that is both enjoyable and useful can keep them involved.For instance, if you are working on a West Coast of California project, you can talk about why people live there, why it is so cool there, and what kind of things people like or love to do there. Doing this is a great way to engage your students in a real conversation!
  • Easy to Learn Assessments: Test-taking is a skill that should be taught at an early age. Finding useful, easy tests to work with will be a great way to help students learn the material. Various interesting ways of assessment of preschool students like games, tests, etc. can not only help engage the students but also helps in building their cognitive skills.
  • Experiment With Materials: It’s essential to have suitable quality materials for teaching. Good, quality books, DVDs, and other resources can help students understand the material. It’s also a good idea to use the materials for practice exercises during the week. In the case of online classes, mixing the lectures with audio, videos and interactions can highly help in engaging the students.
  • Lesson Rehearsal: The more students a teacher can teach, the better they will handle class sizes. Having your lesson rotate regularly will keep your teaching job fresh and exciting. There are many ways to manage lesson rotations and keep your classes interesting.
  • Proactive Lesson Plan: You can make your classroom teaching stand out by creating an interesting lesson plan out of the same conventional subjects. For example, storytelling is a good way to keep the child’s interest in the lesson, if possible give your students choices of learning – preschoolers have developing brains and help them in the decision-making process can help them in the long run. Especially during a time when students are returning to your preschool after a long time, you will definitely have to think out-of-the-box to re-engage with them.
  • Better Resources: A rich repertoire of resources can make the difference between a lousy lesson and a great one. It doesn’t have to be a thick file folder full of information. It can be as simple as a stack of index cards on a desk. If you put the right amount of thought and effort into your resources, you’ll notice a dramatic difference.
  • Less Stress: Your job mustn’t consume your life. Balance work with time for yourself and your family. You’ll notice that you’re able to have more fun with your students and have a higher quality lesson when your work-life is balanced.

One of the complexities that teachers are facing with virtual classes or even sometimes during offline classes is tracking the attendance of students, given the rotational shifts of classes nowadays. Illumine’s day-care app approaches the complexities of attendance while enabling tracking staff and students with technologies simple for guardians and daycare providers.

Parents can scan QR codes and do self-check-in/out when coming to drop/pick-up the child with the attendance app’s aid. It will also record the selfie of the person to enhance security. Schools can enable check-in/check-out forms to ask parents to fill it, requiring many countries after the COVID impact. No paper-based logs are needed and therefore saves time with the attendance tracking app. The app also allows teachers to report childcare attendance from the app within three clicks.


Helping Yourself Will Help Your Students

It is essential to understand that helping yourself grow will help your students achieve more.

  • Students who are struggling are often not having the best experience in class. They may be having some difficulty, as well as lacking motivation and discipline. Helping your students through these difficult times can only help you in your studies and life overall.
  • Many times, students lack proper focus or develop unrealistic expectations. By allowing them to reflect, you provide them with a self-evaluation method.
  • With encouragement and resources available to help children, their academic and intellectual progress should improve.

When you as a teacher can balance your life and input efficiency in your teaching process, the quality of learning for your students also improves exponentially. In order to let teachers focus on children’s learning growth and development, schools are not adopting preschool management software like Illumine to streamline the other processes like attendance tracking, safety tracking, etc.


In order to help the teachers to improve their efficiency and focus more on their core activities of teaching, schools have started to incorporate preschool/childcare management software like Illumine.

Explore the future of management of childcare centers with features like streamlining fees collections, onboarding process, virtual teaching, and many more with Illumine. The attendance tracking app especially helps streamline attendance tracking processes thereby helping preschool teachers focus on teaching pedagogy and lessons. If you would like to take your daycare or preschool to the next level, contact Illumine now!