How To Improve Teaching Productivity and Efficiency?

With the pandemic striking the whole world, there has been a huge impact on all sectors, including the education sector. In the current scenario, educators are also expected to update their pedagogical ways of teaching.

In the United States, some states face the challenge of not having enough information regarding the reopening of schools. As a result, most teachers who are in the midst of a crisis do not have sufficient spare time to organize their day concerning virtual teaching. It can create a domino effect within the classroom.

In this guide, we share strategies to improve your teaching productivity and contribute to the smooth functioning of a childcare center.

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Table of content

  • Simplify assessments
  • Experiment with materials
  • Proactive lesson planning
  • Enriching resources
  • Work-life balance
  • Contactless attendance
  • Mental health check-ins
  • Set reimbursement rates
  • Invest in relationships with coworkers
  • Professional development
  • Wrap up

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1. Simplify assessments

Test-taking is a skill that should be taught at an early age. Finding useful, easy tests to work with will be a great way to help students learn the material. Various interesting ways of assessment of preschool students, like games, tests, etc., can not only help engage the students but also help in building their cognitive skills.

Illumine enables teachers to effectively capture and track progress while also providing support and counseling to students when needed. To perform a student assessment, click the create assessment button, give it a title, and save it. Conduct the evaluation by noting progress in the necessary development categories and milestones for the specific student, then save the assessment. You may also download the evaluation report by going to the top right and selecting the download portfolio button.

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2. Experiment with materials

It’s essential to have suitable, quality materials for teaching. Good, quality books, DVDs, and other resources can help students understand the material. It’s also a good idea to use the materials for practice exercises during the week. In the case of online classes, mixing the lectures with audio, videos, and interactions can highly help in engaging the students.

You can take remote learning to a whole new level at your preschool with Illumine. Set up virtual classrooms on Illumine and make sure parents know the timetable. If you wish to create repeating courses, you may specify a date range beneath the repeat class option. You may also attach a YouTube video. As soon as the meeting is set up, parents are notified via the app.

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3. Proactive lesson planning

You can make your classroom teaching stand out by creating an interesting lesson plan out of the same conventional subjects. For example, storytelling is a good way to keep the child’s interest in the lesson; if possible, give your students choices of learning – preschoolers have developing brains, and helping them in the decision-making process can help them in the long run. Especially during a time when students are returning to your preschool after a long time, you will definitely have to think out of the box to re-engage with them.

Illumine allows you to develop, manage and share lessons for all of your school’s classrooms. You can even add media to your lesson plans and send them to the parents with the touch of a button.

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4. Enriching resources

A rich repertoire of resources can make the difference between a lousy lesson and a great one. It doesn’t have to be a thick file folder full of information. It can be as simple as a stack of index cards on a desk. If you put the right amount of thought and effort into your resources, you’ll notice a dramatic difference.

5. Work-life balance

Your job mustn’t consume your life. Balance work with time for yourself and your family. You’ll notice that you’re able to have more fun with your students and have a higher quality lesson when your work-life is balanced.

Teachers can get more done in less time using Illumine. The childcare app simplifies daily responsibilities and enhances pupils’ learning experiences. It is known to save teachers numerous hours they spend on paperwork.

6. Contactless attendance

One of the complexities that teachers are facing with virtual classes or even sometimes during offline classes is tracking students’ attendance, given the rotational shifts of classes nowadays. Illumine’s daycare app simplifies the complexities of attendance tracking.

Parents can scan QR codes and do self-check-in/out when coming to drop/pick up the child with the attendance app’s aid. It will also record the selfie of the person to enhance security. Schools can enable check-in/check-out forms to ask parents to fill it, requiring many countries after the COVID impact. No paper-based logs are needed and therefore saves time with the attendance tracking app. The app also allows teachers to report childcare attendance from the app.

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7. Mental health check-ins

It is essential to understand that helping yourself grow will help your students achieve more. Students who are struggling often do not having the best experience in class. They may be having some difficulty, as well as lacking motivation and discipline. Helping your students through these difficult times can only help you in your studies and life overall.

Many times, students lack proper focus or develop unrealistic expectations. By allowing them to reflect, you provide them with a self-evaluation method. To let teachers focus on children’s learning growth and development, schools adopt preschool management software like Illumine to streamline processes like attendance tracking, bus tracking, etc.

8. Set reimbursement rates

States collect data and construct a model that predicts the real cost of achieving state licensure and quality criteria for providers. States can ensure that each eligible kid receives at least a minimal amount of subsidy assistance by factoring these facts into rate-setting policies.

This method also allows for adjustments to account for the higher expenditures of caring for babies and toddlers, children with special needs, and care outside of the conventional workday.

9. Invest in relationships with coworkers

Whether your job is difficult or monotonous, spending time with colleagues who help you find a sense of purpose can help you feel satisfied. Consider your core values and goals and then look through your calendar for the next month and decide which events will help you achieve your goals and which will not.

Investing in relationships with coworkers can especially prove beneficial amidst the pandemic. Ultimately, they’re the ones who you can turn to in times of dire need at the workplace.

10. Professional development

Due to preschool instructors not having time to explore or pursue new chances because of their demanding schedules and already overburdened lives, they have very little space for growth. Most of the time, preschool instructor is preoccupied with all of their responsibilities at their separate daycare establishments.

Illumine was created to assist instructors in completing all of their responsibilities swiftly and easily. Instructors may automate most of their teaching process using our childcare software, giving them more time for professional development.

Wrap up

To help the teachers to improve their efficiency and focus more on their core teaching activities, schools have begun to incorporate preschool and childcare management software like Illumine.

Explore the future of management of childcare centers with features like streamlining fee collections, onboarding process, virtual teaching, and many more with Illumine.

The attendance tracking app especially helps streamline attendance tracking processes, thereby helping preschool teachers focus on teaching pedagogy and lessons.

If you would like to take your daycare or preschool to the next level amid these challenging times, book a free demo today.

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  1. Thank you for these tips. They are practical, helpful, and objective. Besides, I want to share a little from my perspective. I think the things that also contribute to being a good and effective teacher are preparation, setting clear and fair expectations, having a positive attitude, being patient with students and evaluating teaching. theirs on a regular basis. They can tailor their teaching strategies to fit both the student and the material, realizing that different students learn in different ways.

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