We know home daycare providers do not have it easy. You have to be a tax expert, a payroll expert, and a marketing expert — all while managing family relationships and most importantly taking extremely good care of the children. It’s like a whole company rolled into one person. That’s where a childcare management app like Illumine can take some of the load off your shoulders.

Get Help Billing Your Families

While clear-cut policies are a good way to ensure quality care, enforcing them can be very time consuming and a sink for small businesses. With Illumine, you don’t have to sweat over collecting payments or late fees. Simply create a recurring weekly or monthly billing plan and let our system automatically send invoices to the parents. Parents can then add their credit card or bank account and set their payments on auto-pay. Week over week, you’ll continue to be paid regularly without chasing payments from them ever again.

Dealing with Late Pickups

When it comes to parents who are consistently late in picking up their children, Illumine’s Sign In-Out feature can provide the perfect solution. Our system records the exact time a parent signs out their child from your daycare’s tablet. This way, the parent can’t write 6:00pm when they were really picking up at 6:10pm. Then, simply attach a late charge per each minute the parent is late, which is automatically calculated and added to the parent’s invoice. The best way to fix a late parent is to charge appropriately. They’ll remember to leave 10 minutes earlier and arrive 10 minutes before your closing time.

Don’t let your families take you for granted. They need to value your time and the quality care you provide for their kids.

How to Keep Parent Happy and Informed

Besides our Billing and Sign In-Out innovations, the biggest feature that family daycare providers love is the parent connection. You can send updates on the children’s daily activities as well as photos and videos. Imagine parents sharing your photos at work or with their friends, and spreading your daycare’s name through word of mouth.

Daily meals come with their own record keeping challenges, and school have significant state requirements to keep up with. Illumine elegantly records meals and produces the report that your sponsors are looking for. Use our app or the website to create meal activities that are then added up in a meal tracking report. You’ll even be able to create pre-set meal items or a recurring schedule to make the process go that much faster.

Join the Illumine family and let us help build your business and save you tons of time. We love daycare providers like you because our babies were in your care while we were away. Our appreciation for you is never-ending.

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