Hiring Preschool Teachers? It’s Easy if You Do It Smart

Shortage of teachers in preschool

Your ability to recruit excellent individuals to apply for vacant positions is critical to your child care brand’s future success. In today’s competitive job market, hiring for efficient teachers during a pandemic can be challenging. This article gives daycare owners advice on how to do it right!

Table of Contents

  • Challenges in the Face of Hiring Preschool Teachers
  • Where to Look for While Hiring Preschool Teachers?
  • Qualities to Look for While Hiring Preschool Teachers
  • Tips for Hiring Preschool Teachers
  • What is the Cost of Hiring Preschool Teachers?
  • Make Preschool Management Easy With Illumine
  • FAQs About Hiring Preschool Teachers

Challenges in the Face of Hiring Preschool Teachers

The study presents three challenges in the face of hiring for teachers: 1. Teacher Attrition The changes in the intensity of teaching preparation programmes and in the requirements for obtaining a teaching credential has contributed to a decline in the teaching workforce

2. Lack of Experience

There is a lot of pressure on preschools to recruit instructors with less credentials, affecting the total qualifications of the teaching workforce.

3.Lack of Credentials

The daycare owners of high-poverty preschools are more inclined to recruit freshly hired instructors to fill openings. Furthermore, their teachers are more likely to quit the school or the profession.

Where to Look for While Hiring Preschool Teachers?

Once you’ve written the perfect job description, share it widely on the following online and offline platforms for finding a teacher for hire:

1. Post job openings on employment forums dedicated to education

Candidates may generally be found on the most prominent job boards and professional networks, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. It’s recommended to use specialist teacher job sites if you want to narrow down your target and reach out to those who are especially seeking for teaching opportunities. You may also advertise your available positions in local newspapers and websites for hiring for teachers.

2. Attend career fairs for hiring preschool teachers

Meeting in person may be a good way to attract candidates since you can answer all of their questions right away while advertising your institution. Check for any local job fairs and invite some of your teachers to attend so they can begin creating ties with prospective future instructors. Also, think about holding an open house at your school for potential candidates. You can meet with them and assess their qualifications for hiring preschool teachers

3. Request recommendations for hiring preschool teachers

Teachers who have previously worked at your school are aware of the processes you use and the principles you hold dear. As a result, they’re more inclined to propose colleagues who would fit in well with your culture.However, don’t restrict yourself to seeking references from workers at school for a teacher for hire. Make contact with former coworkers as well, especially those who departed on good terms. 

4. Contact recent grads for hiring preschool teachers

Offer paid internships and part-time or full-time teaching assistant roles to suit your personal needs while also helping recent graduates meet theirs. You’ll be able to observe prospective grads in the classroom and keep in touch with them until they complete their degree. 

Qualities to Look for While Hiring Preschool Teachers

Qualities of a preschool teacher
While each teacher brings their own personality and teaching approach to the classroom, keep on the lookout for the following five qualities in a teacher for hire:


You could witness a kind instructor helping a youngster who is having difficulty doing something simple, like zipping up their jacket. A patient instructor will observe and recognise that this is a learning moment and will not do it for them or rush the child to the next activity. 


An enthusiastic instructor is constantly seeking to do their best and will be happy to share their excitement with you, from technological learnings to family communication.

•Good Communication Skills

When things aren’t going well, the best preschool instructor will detect it and skilfully refocus the kids. A wiggling exercise that teaches the same idea will be used instead of the challenging lesson plan.


You could notice the best preschool instructor coming up with a novel way to resolve a quarrel or a novel way to help a kid with behavioral issues.

•Supportive and Dedicated

Best Preschool teachers recognise that neurological disparities are frequently present, and they monitor and engage with their pupils in a way that allows them to decide each child’s optimal course of action.

Tips for Hiring Preschool Teachers

What is the Cost of Hiring Preschool Teachers?

Annual wages of preschool teachers
According to Indeed, the preschool teacher positions in the United States are extremely difficult to fill compared to other markets. There are 16 job searchers per preschool teacher position as of April 2021. According to the US data of preschools hiring
  • Average preschool teacher salary (in the US): $12.86 per hour
  • Preschool teacher salary range: $7.25 – $24.60 on an hourly basis

Make Preschool Management Easy With Illumine

The most common reason why teachers leave is lack of acknowledgement for the work they do. Often, the painstaking labour they take in classes goes undocumented. Well, not anymore. 

Illumine has come up with a brilliant solution to maintain better communication with teachers and speed up the process of hiring preschool teachers. It is an all-in-one childcare app for teachers to manage their contactless attendance along with their student’s, make daily reports and send them to parents—simplifying their routine tasks. 

Teachers can also schedule virtual classes and make sure parents are in line with the class schedule, streamlining their daily work. From grading assignments and applying for leaves to sending timely updates to parents, Illumine is a life saver!

The best part? Illumine frees staff from paperwork, helping them save as much as 3 hours a day. If you still aren’t convinced, claim your free trial and reduce your attrition rate by 2X. 

FAQs About Hiring Preschool Teachers

Q 1. How do I go about preschools hiring?

Attend career fairs, post job openings on employment forums, get in touch with recent graduates or ask your current instructors for referrals for hiring the best preschool teachers. 

You can search for preschool teachers to hire on Jooble.

Q 2. How can Illumine help me in raising teacher satisfaction levels?

Teacher satisfaction rose with Illumine making their lives easy. It has simplified recording attendance, sharing lessons, grading assignments, applying for leaves, and sending parent updates.

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