Why The Importance of Early Childhood Education Is Impossible To Ignore

  Early Childhood Education - A Need for Development   The focus of life that was once on finding a career has now shifted to obtaining a quality education. While education is in itself a means of finding the right career path, it is also about grooming personality, reinforcing values, and building character.   Perhaps

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How do I choose a preschool for my child?

    Preschools play a vital role in the upbringing of children. It is the first formal opportunity of learning in a child’s life. With a plethora of preschools to choose from, it often becomes difficult to decide the right one for your kid. To keep up with the changing global scenario, several play-schools and

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Are Parents Whatsapp Groups Harming Your School?

There is a surprising recent trend in many schools in India to use WhatsApp groups to communicate with parents. Although free and easy to set up, it may be costing the school in numerous ways. School leaders need to consider the following implications before embracing this technological trend. Lack of control School leaders have little

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