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10 Best Childcare Management Software in 2021: Price Comparison & Reviews

Childcare management software and its benefits Not having enough time in their hands to look after all the day-to-day operations is one of the major complaints of the pre-school owners. Keeping abreast with the administrative, scheduling, and financial processes while monitoring the children enlisted in the school is no easy task. Technology is truly

How To Improve Teaching Productivity and Efficiency?

Teaching During A Pandemic: Challenges and Adaptation With the pandemic striking the whole world, there have been huge impacts on all the systems including the education system. An educator or teacher already needs to keep upgrading their knowledge base to impart the latest educational understandings to their students. Now in the

How To Assess and Manage Your Preschool’s Financial Sustainability

What is Financial Sustainability? Educational institutions have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of the pandemic, many institutions such as high schools, colleges and universities are all finding it difficult to cope with providing continuous learning methods to students without there arising a halt or gap in their

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Writing Effective Preschool Assessment Reports: A Quick Guide

One of the most difficult tasks for an educator can be to prepare progress reports. Many things need to be recorded and highlighted in respect of the skills the students are learning. It is especially difficult to create standardized preschool assessment tools as the children have just started developing their skills. At

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How to talk with children about Coronavirus Disease ?

Children’s responses to stressful events are unique and varied. Some children may be irritable or clingy. Others some may regress, demand extra attention, or have difficulty with self-care, sleeping, and eating. New and challenging behaviours are natural responses, and adults can help by showing empathy and patience and by calmly setting limits when needed.

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9 Must Have for a Preschool Management App

  Isn’t it always better to have one single, simple platform for all your preschool operations and parent communication? It’s high time that the childcare owners should switch to the newest preschool management apps, which are professional and super easy to use. A preschool management system must cover all the key aspects, be it- billing,

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How Illumine’s Childcare App Helps Daycare Providers Everyday

We know home daycare providers do not have it easy. You have to be a tax expert, a payroll expert, and a marketing expert — all while managing family relationships and most importantly taking extremely good care of the children. It’s like a whole company rolled into one person. That’s where a childcare management app like Illumine

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