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Everything You Need to Know About Running a Preschool Profitably

          Education plays a vital role in developing a sense of understanding to distinguish between right and wrong. It has been seen as a trend in the last few years that parents tend to send their kids to preschools. They always search for the best preschool to keep their kids safe

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How to Start a Preschool in Post-Covid Times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every sector across the globe. It has inflicted everyone to stay indoors and businesses to shut down or operate from home. The outbreak has led to the closure of all the schools worldwide, and students are experiencing the new normal by studying through online classes. In this scenario, preschools

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How ERP Software Can Change Your Business

There are many benefits to ERP, or enterprise resource planning, software so it is no wonder that it is among the systems that small businesses invest in (apart from marketing solutions). According to the State of SMB Software 2018 Report, it is a popular choice because entrepreneurs can run their operations from it. And as

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How can I tell if my 2 year old toddler is happy at daycare?

If the child happily gets ready and is excited to go the daycare most of the days and doesn’t want to leave his friends even when you come to pick him up, that’s the best way to know that your child is happy at the daycare. Your child will act a little cranky during dropoff

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How Illumine’s Childcare App Helps Daycare Providers Everyday

We know home daycare providers do not have it easy. You have to be a tax expert, a payroll expert, and a marketing expert — all while managing family relationships and most importantly taking extremely good care of the children. It’s like a whole company rolled into one person. That’s where a childcare management app like Illumine

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5 Great Tips For Handling Parenting Pressure

In today’s world, one out of every four Indian children is growing up in a nuclear family. Though the situation may vary, the truth is that parenting is hectic, stressful, and demanding. If you are a parent, here are 5 tips you can consider following to reduce the pressure of parenting and bring the joy

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Teach Children to Manage their Behaviour & Emotions: 14 Discipline Tips & Strategies

In dealing with young children, you will inevitably have situations where you will need to provide some discipline for a misstep in behaviour. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on ways in which you can use positive discipline, instead of physical punishments. Explaining the problem simply: “Biting hurts! Be gentle.” Using positive language: “When

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Best Ways to Track a Child’s Development Using an App

Following the development of children is one of the most important tasks undertaken in early education settings. Technology provides simple and modernized processes for observation and record-keeping. Using an app to track a child’s development keeps information organized and makes sharing easier. Educator Tips: Here are 5 tips about the best ways to use an

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How to Cultivate Humor in Your Child?

You’re either born with a sense of humour or you’re not, right? Wrong, say humour researchers (yes, that’s a thing!). Not only have they discovered that humour can be taught, but they’ve also linked a sense of humour to several life-changing benefits. Here are simple ways to develop your little one’s funny bone during the

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How to Energize the Youngest Brains for Reading

Listening to stories stimulates the “reading network” Photo credit PBS.orgThere is no dispute about the value of reading to your children. It expands their vocabularies, develops their language and literacy skills, and helps them absorb important social-emotional understandings. In fact, the National Commission on Reading considers reading aloud to children “the single most important intervention” to help

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