Early Childhood Education

Your Guide to Efficient Childcare Billing and Accounting

Preschool and daycare owners are well aware that accounting and child care billing can be difficult at times. Keeping track of invoices and payments can get tricky when most of their attention is on the day-to-day operations, making sure all the children are taken care of, and the parents are

15 Best Childcare Management Software in 2021: Price Comparison & Reviews

Childcare management software and its benefits Not having enough time in their hands to look after all the day-to-day operations is one of the major complaints of the pre-school owners. Keeping abreast with the administrative, scheduling, and financial processes while monitoring the children enlisted in the school is no easy task. Technology is truly

All you need to know about Childcare Management

All you need to know about Childcare Management What is ChildCare Management The integrated childcare management platform helps daycare and childcare centers in managing day-to-day business operations while also providing efficacious child care assistance. These services include end-to-end processes such as lesson planning, invoice tracking using a childcare billing software, attendance

How to Attract Parents To Your Daycare Center: Winning Marketing Strategies

How to Attract Parents To Your Daycare Center: Winning Marketing Strategies Running a daycare center with best-in-class systems is not an easy job. With a number of daycare centers coming up, parents have a hard time choosing a perfect one for their child. And that’s where marketing comes in. Marketing can

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Activity Moments of Children at Preschool to Share with Parents

Activity Moments of Children at Preschool to Share with Parents Managing a learning center for children involves various responsibilities, tasks, and daily activities. Multiple processes need to be handled and supervised by educators and managers. Parents prefer to get detailed information about their child’s day-to-day activities. When combined, it can often seem

How To Improve Teaching Productivity and Efficiency?

Teaching During A Pandemic: Challenges and Adaptation With the pandemic striking the whole world, there have been huge impacts on all the systems including the education system. An educator or teacher already needs to keep upgrading their knowledge base to impart the latest educational understandings to their students. Now in the

7 Ways Covid-19 Has Transformed Childcare Management

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted all strata of society. A common topic of discussion has been the mental, financial, and social impact on new and growing families. This article aims to address radical new challenges and opportunities in the childcare management sector and how to adapt to the new normal with

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Writing Effective Preschool Assessment Reports: A Quick Guide

One of the most complex tasks for an educator can be to prepare progress reports. They need to record and highlight several observations in respect of the skills the students are learning. It could be challenging to create assessments for preschool kids as they have just started to learn and develop those

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Why The Importance of Early Childhood Education Is Impossible To Ignore

  Early Childhood Education - A Need for Development   The focus of life that was once on finding a career has now shifted to obtaining a quality education. While education is in itself a means of finding the right career path, it is also about grooming personality, reinforcing values, and building character.   Perhaps

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How to Start a Profitable Preschool: An ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

When operating a daycare, the startup costs for daycare and risks are low when compared to other businesses, while the opportunity for monetary and emotional rewards are high. A daycare plan if properly executed can help you breakeven within three years. Your success in opening a child care center will depend on careful management of the startup process from start to finish. This guide will explain exactly how to start your own daycare, from writing a business plan, marketing, ensuring quality services to the parent and choosing a location, to marketing, hiring, and managing your day-to-day operations.