7 Ways Covid-19 Has Transformed Childcare Management

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted all strata of society. A common topic of discussion has been the mental, financial, and social impact on new and growing families. This article aims to address radical new challenges and opportunities in the childcare management sector and how to adapt to the new normal with

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How to Get Kids Pay More Attention to Video Classes

Introduction How often have you heard from guardians that their kid constantly asks when class is getting over and tumbling down soon after the virtual class gets over? Truly, this is the picture of today’s video classes. A child invariably gazing at the screen, wiggling to comprehend the topic, and battling with mute and

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How to talk with children about Coronavirus Disease ?

Children’s responses to stressful events are unique and varied. Some children may be irritable or clingy. Others some may regress, demand extra attention, or have difficulty with self-care, sleeping, and eating. New and challenging behaviours are natural responses, and adults can help by showing empathy and patience and by calmly setting limits when needed.

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