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Activity Moments of Children at Preschool to Share with Parents

Activity Moments of Children at Preschool to Share with Parents Managing a learning center for children involves various responsibilities, tasks, and daily activities. Multiple processes need to be handled and supervised by educators and managers. Parents prefer to get detailed information about their child’s day-to-day activities. When combined, it can often seem

5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Child Care Centers

Today, with innovations, we are revolutionizing every sector of learning and education. It has changed the way kids grow up with the necessary skills for different stages of their lives. Among the crucial learning spheres, Child Care Centers have witnessed several positive impacts of technology. Considering the significance of technology in the

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How to talk with children about Coronavirus Disease ?

Children’s responses to stressful events are unique and varied. Some children may be irritable or clingy. Others some may regress, demand extra attention, or have difficulty with self-care, sleeping, and eating. New and challenging behaviours are natural responses, and adults can help by showing empathy and patience and by calmly setting limits when needed.

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9 Must Have for a Preschool Management App

  Isn’t it always better to have one single, simple platform for all your preschool operations and parent communication? It’s high time that the childcare owners should switch to the newest preschool management apps, which are professional and super easy to use. A preschool management system must cover all the key aspects, be it- billing,

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