Activity Moments of Children at Preschool to Share with Parents

Managing a learning center for children involves various responsibilities, tasks, and daily activities. Multiple processes need to be handled and supervised by educators and managers. Parents prefer to get detailed information about their child’s day-to-day activities. When combined, it can often seem overwhelming to manage the childcare center simultaneously and effectively.

To help this cause, childcare management software such as Illumine are gaining popularity among many preschools, kindergarten, Montessori classrooms, and similar childcare centers worldwide. The organization and streamlining of these tasks through the application adds to the overall convenience for owners, educators, and parents.

Usually, when parents drop their kids at the preschool, they are left with their kid’s memory of crying and waving them goodbye. Such sights cause the parent to worry about their kid’s comfort and well-being at the childcare center.

After a brief period of crying, the child feels relaxed enough to interact with the other kids. As they move on to the next task, it becomes imperative to capture their child’s peaceful moments as photographs. Sharing these photographs with their parents is essential to reassure them that the child has now felt at-ease.

Childcare management software can facilitate this by offering an opportunity to share ‘activity moments’ like these with their parents.

Why Is It Important?

Sharing ‘activity moments’ is crucial to help the parents feel comfortable about their child’s presence at the pre-school. As parents are usually concerned about their child’s comfort in a social environment such as a daycare center, receiving a notification from the school, showing an adorable photograph of their child enjoying their time at the center would make them feel happy and relaxed.

Sharing a photograph or a video can help to convey the fact that their child is well taken care of and feels secure. Adding to parents’ inclusivity, sharing these photographs can bridge the gap between parents, educators, and their child’s early education.

How Is It Possible to Share the Moments?

Earlier, it used to be challenging to keep the parents constantly updated about their child’s activities. Methods included monthly meetings, one-to-one sessions etc. But now with the advent of childcare management software, sharing moments with the parents has become hassle-free.

Childcare management software makes it possible for educators to share the moments of the child’s daycare daily activities. With these apps, parents can see photos and videos of their child, real-time. Educators upload them on the online server through the childcare software so that parents can easily view them. One-click uploads, unlimited storage, and no restriction on the number of photographs can be some of the best features of such apps. Childcare apps like Illumine host an online gallery for pictures and videos while facilitating communication between educators and parents. With these apps, you can also automatically add a watermark to the photograph, which can assist with the branding of the childcare center.

Children’s Moments that Can be Shared with Families


The leisure activities that involve solo playing, group playing, and even outdoor playtime can be photographed. These activities are one of the most important aspects of a childcare center, as, during playtime, the children are visibly happy and enthusiastic. The playtime photographs highlight the physical activities of the kids, as the exercises enhance motor skills and coordination.

According to the research of Stagnittet al. (2016), students who receive a play-based curriculum out-perform students taught using the traditional curriculum on measures related to play, narrative, and oral language skills. Thus, sufficient playtime can enhance the mood and the capacity to engage in physical activity while imbibing a sense of teamwork among the children.

Activities like coordinated games, teamwork-based sports such as football, cricket, tug of war, etc., are recommended.


At a childcare center, practicing to draw the alphabets, numbers, and other simple tasks offer a wonderful opportunity to capture a photograph as an ‘activity moment.’ Active engagement in study-based tasks stimulates a conducive environment and mindset for it. A disciplined approach to studying helps build a solid foundation for the child’s career. Studying activities make up for great photographs as these photos display focus and concentration.

More than 20% of a child’s time is spent at their daycare/preschool. The study that they engage in has an impact on building their respective learning techniques. Identifying what kind of study technique works well for a child helps to encourage a fulfilling learning experience.

Instructional studying methodologies, as well as free-study techniques, must be utilized by the educators.

Art and crafts:

Arts and Crafts-based activities hosted at the preschools enable the children to develop creativity at an early age. A child care center’s environment is adapted to involve arts and crafts as a crucial mechanism for the child to express themselves. Drawing, coloring, playing with clay, origami, and other artistic expressions are some many activity moments captured through photos.

According to the research, activities that involve arts and crafts enable children to identify their feelings, thoughts, and actions effectively. It also enhances cognitive functions through increased activity in their brain regions that handle motor skills and coordination.

Activities that involve the creation of arts, such as drawing, painting, sketching, and crafts such as origami, clay arts, etc., are recommended.

Reading, writing, and speaking:

Reading and writing tasks that involve practicing the spoken/native languages often emphasize their importance through proficiency obtained. Children at these learning centers get a chance to practice and develop their reading/writing skills. When combined with speaking, it provides an apt opportunity to capture these kids’ photographs or videos while they attempt to practice the language.

According to the Journal of Early Childhood Research (ECR), including play-based linguistic activities for the children to engage in, such as drama or speech, reduces the language delay in their verbal expressions.

Plays, dramas, and rehearsed, enacted, stage-based activities encourage self-confidence and comprehension and lead to an overall increased IQ and EQ.

How Illumine can Facilitate This

With Illumine, parents can host a real-time conversation with the educators regarding their various concerns related to their children. A gallery consisting of photographs and videos of their child can be hosted through Illumine. The functionality offered through the app, combined with its versatility, provides the best childcare center software.