Isn’t it always better to have one single, simple platform for all your preschool operations and parent communication? It’s high time that the childcare owners should switch to the newest preschool management apps, which are professional and super easy to use. A preschool management system must cover all the key aspects, be it- billing, enrollment, engaging the parents or sharing progress reports of the children. Every one of these features matters when you choose a reliable and secure daycare management app. Hence introducing a well-equipped child care management system that should be both reliable and efficient is integral to a preschool. So how do these preschool management apps help?

But what are the operations this software manages and what features should it provide to streamline the administrative process? Be it attendance, finances or enrollment, there is a lot you need to sort through.

That’s why we’ve broken it down into nine essential features a preschool management software should have. They will help you handle your preschool operations better:

Let’s start learning about these features with the first step of enrolling the kid in the center.

Enrollment software is essential for managing the classroom roster because it takes away some major administrative pressure off the shoulders. It can:

Billing can be much of a hassle for the child care centers. Coordinating the invoices created, sending fee reminders, and sorting everything in time is no walk in the park. With efficient preschool management software, you can:

  • Provide the facility of automation of the process so that the invoices generated automatically. Get them sent to the parents on a chosen date through a safe, secure platform.
  • Provide a convenient way of payment, such as auto-pay, which can make payment for families easier. No more recollecting the cheques or cash to hand over to the parents during drop-off. Parents can pay online using the app and not worry about lapsing the due date.
  • Send in fee reminders to parents before their payments are due directly from the childcare management app. No more dozens of burdening emails and phone calls.

This is just the very basic that a digital billing software can do to your business.

Child care software provides you with the feature to create a virtual child profile for each and every child in your care. These virtual profiles replace the paper files that collect applications, the enrollment forms; notices; pick-up and drop-off permissions, immunization records, and anything else that you need to know about a child in your care. Profiles can:

What if your teachers could completely focus on getting the children ready for the day at the time of drop-off, instead of struggling through the sign-in clipboards and greeting children? What if all of your check-in information was skillfully collected under a single platform that could be accessed anywhere?

With digital check-in, you can:

Check-in software is a change that can make a huge impact in the day-to-day process and has an upper hand over paper sheets.

A fundamental reason why tracking attendance is easier with child care management software is the flexibility it provides. They can be updated with immediate effect and also eliminates the need to go through countless pen and paper attendance sheets.

Creating the child portfolio of each and every child in your daycare is quite hectic for any program. Conventional portfolio creation relies on a lot of paper storage, binders, notes, and immense care to date and systematizes everything. Digital systems can’t eliminate the storage of children’s paperwork, but they can:

  • store videos and photos to use in child care development portfolios to help make milestones come alive and show how children are progressing over time rather than just relying on notes.
  • act as a storage unit for staff feedback and observations on each child so each staff member can add observations whenever they want and see each child’s progress from anywhere they are.
  • make sharing and storing child portfolios easier for child care centers and for parents by digitizing important recordings, pictures, and notes.
  • Parents love to share their child’s videos and photos of the several activities and events they took part in with family and keep a record of their child’s progress for their own memories.

Your business uses child care daily reports to such an extent that any advancement from the regular procedure of filling out, storing, or handling them will have a beneficial impact on your day-to-day activities. With software, you can:

All of these features make working with daily reports much easier.

Payroll management manually with pen and paper is time-consuming and troublesome. You have to be error-free and meticulous while organizing piles of paper. A digital payroll system cuts down on this workload. Software can:

  • act as an efficient time-tracking system for staff members so you can have the software tally the work hours for you.
  • automatically record and calculate the deductions in case of late check-in or early check-out of a staff member.
  • securely access the data from anywhere so you can get your payroll done whenever it is convenient, not just when you are sitting at your desk at the end of a long day.
  • also export these reports as excel sheets.

A digital payroll system can help you reduce the workload of manually creating heaps of payroll reports.

From time to time communication with families is an essential principle for the daycare centers to follow. It builds trust, enhances parents’ engagement, makes the communication transparent, and ensures that you have a reliable environment for your children. Even though we have many more techniques to contact each other, that doesn’t necessarily make communication easier. It means you have to manage the mediums accordingly, used to communicate with parents, store and update multiple ways of contacting guardians, and check numerous methods regularly. Software can:

Hence, these preschool management software has reduced the administrative workload for the management of the preschools. These have automated the various processes involved, to streamline the preschool, securely store information and reduce paperwork. It can help the preschools to become environment friendly, and also introduce the parents to a more interactive and engaging communication method.