Parents have always had concern for their child’s safety before anything else. Hence, the safety and security of these little ones are of utmost importance to preschools and child care centers. From the time they are born, parents start weaving dreams around their children and want only the very best for them. They choose the finest doctor in the town, at the time of delivery and want to dress up their baby only with the warmest of fabrics. Similarly, when the parents choose a child care program, they not only look for preschools that provide quality education, good teaching staff, and commodity but also promise the best safety measures for their little ones.


When a child is commuting back and forth to the child care center, is the time when a parent is most uncertain about a child’s safety and security. During this time they want their kids to be in the safest possible conveyance means. This is when all safety-conscious parents look for a solution that can track their child’s location in real-time. That’s where a School Bus GPS Tracking System comes into the picture. With a live bus tracking system problems like bus routes, tracking, boardings, etc, you can easily tackle these problems.


What is a Preschool Bus Tracking System?


It’s impossible to stay calm and patient both for teachers and the parents when the kids are on the way to preschool. The thought the kids will stay unattended all this while is quite daunting for the teachers as well as the parents.


A real-time bus tracking system provides you the live GPS location of the school bus. It informs you whether the child has is safely dropped off or picked up from the bus, and at what time. You can assure parents of their child’s safety while coming to your preschool by letting them track the bus route. It is similar to any other cab service using the GPS. You can also keep them informed about their kid’s safety with the help of wayward notifications, pickup alerts, route details, and much more. Parents from anywhere can access all this information, be it their home or workplace with the help of this mobile app.


That’s the whole beauty of a Live Bus Tracking System!


How Does It Exactly Work?


A real-time preschool bus tracking system is a customized location software. It completely connects the school authorities, the school bus driver, and the parents/guardians all under one simple platform via GPS. It’s a mobile compatible platform for the parents that allows them to determine the exact location of their child and the bus in real-time. A customizable map allows parents to see where the bus is and record the location. It also overviews the estimated time of arrival. Being an Integrated Solution, it allows the sharing of important information between the school and the parents. Hence it successfully consolidates all the information in one platform.


Wondering why a preschool should have a Bus Tracking System!


The real-time feature of a bus tracking system gives parents more comfort and peace of mind. It ensures the safety and security of their child while commuting to and fro the preschool.


Let’s look at some of the reasons why a child care center should have a real-time bus tracking system.


Parents can themselves monitor any bus delays or route deviations and plan their own time of pickup/drop accordingly. This avoids any unnecessary hassle for the parents and interference with their day to day jobs.


Parents can make alternate pick-up arrangements for their children in case they are unable to coincide their arrival with delayed bus arrival times. This ensures that the child is not left unattended after being dropped off at a bus stop.


The parents these days are pretty much caught up tossing in between their busy work schedules. They don’t want to compromise in any way on the safety measures for their kids while they are away. A real-time GPS school bus tracking system helps them track the exact location of the bus. This helps parents to fix the time to drop and receive their child at the bus stop, saving their precious time.


Parents being able to track the school bus can ensure that children never miss their bus to school. The automatic routing, planning, and bus schedules help reduce the hassle the parents undergo before dropping off their kids. So no more long waits under the hot sun, cold temperatures, or on pouring weather in the bus stand.


Transportation safety is the primary concern of all parents and teachers.


When we ensure the safety and security of the kids on their way to your child care center, the parents put more faith in our services. For parents to entrust the school administration, it is important to maintain transparency in the security system meant for children. A school bus tracking system allows child care providers and administrators to keep a tab on the driver’s location. It also has an option to contact your drivers on duty. A bus tracking system gives a common ground to both ends, ensuring that security measures taken are visible to both parties.


With a bus tracking system in action, parents no longer need to call the school authorities for updates on the status of the school bus. Every parent gets real-time updates on the latest location of the school bus.


This provides service and convenience to parents like never before!


The system runs on a completely secure platform that ensures the privacy of all child data and parent contact information at all times.


All data is securely stored and managed by the school administrators and authorized personnel only. Thereby protecting it from any access or misuse by unauthorized persons. A parent is unable to access other children’s data.


A bus tracking system ensures that it informs the parents and teachers where a child is. At what time they will reach school/home, if they are safe on the way, etc, it conveys all such details. This gives peace of mind to both school administration and parents.


In the end, it’s evident that,


With a robust bus tracking system, parents can stop worrying if their child has made it to school or home safely or not on any single day. This ensures increased confidence and trust of the parents in the child care program.