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Everything You Need to Know About Running a Preschool Profitably

          Education plays a vital role in developing a sense of understanding to distinguish between right and wrong. It has been seen as a trend in the last few years that parents tend to send their kids to preschools. They always search for the best preschool to keep their kids safe

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How to Start a Preschool in Post-Covid Times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every sector across the globe. It has inflicted everyone to stay indoors and businesses to shut down or operate from home. The outbreak has led to the closure of all the schools worldwide, and students are experiencing the new normal by studying through online classes. In this scenario, preschools

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How to Get Kids Pay More Attention to Video Classes

Introduction How often have you heard from guardians that their kid constantly asks when class is getting over and tumbling down soon after the virtual class gets over? Truly, this is the picture of today’s video classes. A child invariably gazing at the screen, wiggling to comprehend the topic, and battling with mute and

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5 Ways Technology Is Transforming Child Care Centers

Today, with innovations, we are revolutionizing every sector of learning and education. It has changed the way kids grow up with the necessary skills for different stages of their lives. Among the crucial learning spheres, Child Care Centers have witnessed several positive impacts of technology. Considering the significance of technology in the

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Back to (Pre) School: Restarting Your Child Care Center During COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has led childcare centers worldwide to shut down to avoid the spread of the disease. The virus affected everyone’s lives, and to maintain social distancing, parents have been working from home, and the children are undergoing online classes. But now, as the world is trying to adapt to the

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