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What are the benefits of preschool vs daycare? Is preschool required?

Preschool Versus Daycare: Meaning and Difference Parents often wonder whether preschool and daycare are the same and whether their child needs to attend either or not. Though both of them are related to childcare and child development, they both are different in India. it is understandable why they can be confusing. Before we begin to discuss

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What are the best learning apps for preschool kids?

In the age of digitalization, preschool education goes beyond the conventional methods of learning. Today, there are countless learning apps under preschool software applications for teaching different skills to tiny tots. Due to their dynamic nature, these tools help the kids learn in a flexible and fun manner. The use of online games and similar

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What should I look for in a childcare center?

The childcare center is the second home for a child. The children, especially of working parents, spend almost 8 hours a day in the child care center. There could be many reasons for sending your child to daycare such as professional obligations, helping develop social skills in the child, or personal reasons. However, despite the

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How can I tell if my 2 year old toddler is happy at daycare?

If the child happily gets ready and is excited to go the daycare most of the days and doesn’t want to leave his friends even when you come to pick him up, that’s the best way to know that your child is happy at the daycare. Your child will act a little cranky during dropoff

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How do I choose a preschool for my child?

    Preschools play a vital role in the upbringing of children. It is the first formal opportunity of learning in a child’s life. With a plethora of preschools to choose from, it often becomes difficult to decide the right one for your kid. To keep up with the changing global scenario, several play-schools and

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