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5 Great Tips For Handling Parenting Pressure

In today’s world, one out of every four Indian children is growing up in a nuclear family. Though the situation may vary, the truth is that parenting is hectic, stressful, and demanding. If you are a parent, here are 5 tips you can consider following to reduce the pressure of parenting and bring the joy

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Teach Children to Manage their Behaviour & Emotions: 14 Discipline Tips & Strategies

In dealing with young children, you will inevitably have situations where you will need to provide some discipline for a misstep in behaviour. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions on ways in which you can use positive discipline, instead of physical punishments. Explaining the problem simply: “Biting hurts! Be gentle.” Using positive language: “When

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Best Ways to Track a Child’s Development Using an App

Following the development of children is one of the most important tasks undertaken in early education settings. Technology provides simple and modernized processes for observation and record-keeping. Using an app to track a child’s development keeps information organized and makes sharing easier. Educator Tips: Here are 5 tips about the best ways to use an

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How to Cultivate Humor in Your Child?

You’re either born with a sense of humour or you’re not, right? Wrong, say humour researchers (yes, that’s a thing!). Not only have they discovered that humour can be taught, but they’ve also linked a sense of humour to several life-changing benefits. Here are simple ways to develop your little one’s funny bone during the

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How to Energize the Youngest Brains for Reading

Listening to stories stimulates the “reading network” Photo credit PBS.orgThere is no dispute about the value of reading to your children. It expands their vocabularies, develops their language and literacy skills, and helps them absorb important social-emotional understandings. In fact, the National Commission on Reading considers reading aloud to children “the single most important intervention” to help

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What does emotional development involve?

Aren’t these skills important for the future of our kids too? When we think about child development we tend to imagine babies learning to walk, talk and count. We do our best to make sure that our child is on track on all these abilities and that he or she doesn’t have difficulties in the

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Smart devices in the hands of babes. Do they help or harm?

credit: youngest children are growing up with smart phones in hand. They are often quite adept at scrolling before uttering their first word. But, new research shows that using smart devices relates to expressive speech delays. Researchers at TARGet Kids! in Toronto followed almost 900 children between the ages of 6 and 24 months

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Do you know why wordless books are better for kids?

[Hint: You have to work harder!] credit: maillustrations.comIt is well established that reading aloud to children aids their emotional and academic development in countless ways. For example, shared reading experiences: Promote language development Engage brain areas that will later be used for independent reading, even in the youngest children Create a positive association for reading and

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Infant Swimming: What You Need to Know

Babies as young as 6 months old can swim, and it’s more common than you think! Remember Nirvana’s iconic album cover of the swimming baby? If you thought this was a Photoshop trick, prepare to be surprised! How would an infant swimming lesson go? For babies from 6–8 months of age, we start with a warm

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