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How To Help Kids Become Early Talkers!

How to do this? Talking to your baby, right from the day he is born, is said to encourage him to communicate and respond. Simple activities like singing poems or telling stories can improve his language skills. As moms, it couldn’t be soon enough to hear our babies talk and we wait for this moment

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Concerned about your baby’s language delay?

They can’t do it without you credit: arrive into this world equipped with a brain that is primed to learn certain innate abilities. One of the most fundamental is the ability for language development. This alone, however, isn’t enough. TWO more ingredients are needed: A language environment A responsive partner What exactly does this mean? Sadly,

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How to Reduce Anxiety in Children

What parents DO and SAY matters Photo credit: www.momjunction.comMore than 30% of adolescents are diagnosed with anxiety, the most common mental health disorder in both children and teens. According to the experts, the actual numbers are higher, as most children with anxiety are not diagnosed or treated. Contrary to old-school thinking, anxiety is not something that

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How to prepare your preschooler for math success

Simple but true Rock Counting: www.discoverexplorelearn.comIntuition tells us that, reading storybooks to young children supports later reading ability. Knowing how to prepare children to do well in math however, is less obvious. According to researchers, the answer is clear: CHILDREN MUST KNOW WHAT NUMBER SYMBOLS MEAN A recent review provides compelling evidence that children who know their

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Developing thinking skills through play

Some of our key thinking skills are developed since we are curious little babies, wanting to explore our world. Learn a bit more about some of them, and how they are fostered through play. Cause and effect: The appearance of this skill is an early sign of intelligence. Babies experience the effect they have on

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Goodnight, Tween: Why I’m Still Reading Out Loud to My Kids

My own daughter was nine when a dear friend changed my life one day, casually mentioning that she read aloud to her eleven-year-old daughter every night. Yes, I had been reading to my daughter since she was a baby, through toddlerhood’s picture books and kindergarten’s easy readers, and now into short chapter books before bed at night. But how

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Why infants learn faster with a peer!

Infants are more likely to learn when paired with another infant as opposed to viewing the lesson alone, according to a new study. You read that correctly: Infants. Researchers at the University of Connecticut and University of Washington looked at the mechanisms involved in language learning among nine-month-olds, the youngest population known to be studied

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Making teaching visible

We talk a lot about how documentation makes children’s learning visible and the importance of this, but have you ever stopped to consider what else is made visible? It makes teaching visible too! As teachers, it seems to be a common feeling that parts of the work that they do with children are not recognized.

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