15 Proven Daycare Advertising Ideas to Onboard 5X Parents

According to the rule of 7 in advertising, your potential customer should see your advertising message 7 times before they will act. Daycare advertising also begins with putting across the right message on multiple marketing channels. Getting the word out to increase preschool enrolments is hard but achievable. Using our budget-friendly preschool marketing plan examples, you will attract more parents to your centre in no time!

Trending Online Daycare Advertising Tools All Childcare Owners Love

Here are stellar strategies for online daycare advertising that’ll work best for you:

1. Website

An effective website for
daycare advertising should include professional photographs, philosophy and mission statement, curriculum, and reviews/testimonials. It should also contain section pages on the following topics:
  • Operating information
  • Enrolment, withdrawal, and waitlist policy
  • About staff
  • National licensing certification
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Sample daily schedule
  • Drop and pick-up procedure
  • Supplies and meals protocol
  • Family engagement practices
  • Frequently asked questions

2. Blogs

To jump start your
preschool marketing journey, you can kick off with these 10 post ideas:
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Educational Toys for Children?
  • How to Talk to Children about Difficult Topics?
  • How Do You Prepare Your Child for a New Sibling?
  • A Day in the Life of a Preschool Business
  • Things to Consider before Starting a Preschool Business
  • How to Be Creative with Your Preschool Flyers 
  • Which Keywords Bring a Lot of Traffic to Your Preschool Business?
  • How to Get a Job in the Preschool Industry?
  • Quick Snack Ideas for Your Toddlers
  • Childcare Business Gift Guides
Daycare blog readers

3.Facebook/Instagram Page

Preschool marketing on Facebook and Instagram can yield great returns on investment. While creating a profile on either of the platforms, double check your contact information. Post details about your service, positive reviews and informational content consistently to generate traffic and convert them into leads. Each post must have a clear and actionable CTA to ensure steady lead generation. You can follow trending hashtags and post content around it to advertise your brand.  

facebook instagram advertising

4.Paid Ads

Creating a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is the easiest way to scale up preschool marketing. Latest studies reveal that PPC can raise brand recognition by as much as 80%. A Facebook retargeting ad, for example, is a form of PPC ad. You also just pay for clicks, which means you only pay for people who are interested in your preschool services. Many schools these days use Google Ads effectively to drive admissions to their school. Google even allows free credits for small businesses to kick start their ad campaign. Use this link to get started with Google ad Google ads signup link 
digital ad spends by industry

5.Email Marketing

This is an ideal technique for parents who haven’t yet warmed up to your preschool and might benefit from a phone call. An email won’t hurt and can give a wealth of information on which they can base their decision. You may give them a discount if they enroll their kid at a specified time, or you could let them know of improvements in your preschool that would make their life simpler.
Email marketing impact on daycare admissions

6.Online Workshops

Online workshops are a powerful preschool marketing tool. To conduct a successful workshop for your daycare advertising, consider the following things:
  • Purpose or goal
  • Audience
  • Topic
  • Learning objectives
  • Hosting platform (Zoom, Google Meet etc.)
  • Multimodal content
  • Prework, if any
  • Workshop size
  • Time available
  • Break time
  • Interaction hour
  • Ground rules

7.Google Business

Because 97% of customers find local companies online, Google My Business can take your daycare advertising game up a notch. It aids in attracting new clients and managing your company’s web profile. Google My Business additionally allows you to:

  • Post photographs of your services
  • Respond to reviews
  • Add your childcare centre’s address
  • Improve the engagement of your childcare business

8. Referral Program

Referrals take advantage of strong social relationships and can assist parents in swiftly sorting among childcare choices. If a parent enrols their child in your preschool as a result of a customer reference, they are far more likely to tell others in the industry about their excellent experience. You may even request a testimonial and share it on social media, but you must first have their consent. 

9. Giveaways

Students can participate in a potting challenge by potting plants in their classrooms and then you can post it on social media for a free giveaway. Remember to treat each kid as a winner while maintaining a pleasant and creative atmosphere.

10.Press Release

An effective press release should have a factual tone and be succinct, providing the reader with the essential details of the story. If they require further information, they will contact your preschool. You give yourself a high chance of getting your preschool story through, if you write in the publication’s style.

Offline Daycare Advertising Services With Highest Conversion Rates

Here are 5 more daycare advertising practices to attract new parents:

11. Open House

Open house events are a terrific method to attract new families to your childcare facility or preschool. It is a powerful daycare advertising hack that allows you to meet possible new parents face to face, as well as offer information about your programme, lesson plans, and educational philosophy in a personalised manner.

12.Local Directories

Assume you’re a parent and make a note of all the local directories that show up in the region. Get your foot in using
preschool marketing by becoming listed in as many directories as possible that are accessible and readily available to your target audience.

13. Flyers

Ensure your flyer cover a range of topics for parents, like:

  • Selecting the right preschool for the child: what makes you tick?
  • Early literacy practices
  • Help paying for childcare (discounts/scholarships)
  • Choosing a preschool for a child with special needs

14.Business Cards

Your preschool is represented through your business card. It not only conveys vital personal contact information but it is also frequently the first exposure to the childcare’s overall image. A key tool for
daycare advertising, business cards will stay in vogue for the years to come if industry experts are to be believed. Make sure your card includes:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Website
  • Address
  • Phone number

15. Banners

Banners are a conventional medium for daycare advertisement. You can highlight enticing price reductions using banners. Because small preschool owners want to save money on
preschool marketing, banners are a preferred method of attracting attention of parents

Takeaways From Daycare Advertising 101

Getting your enrollment numbers up is important, but so is retaining your parent base. Digitisation is a big selling point for parents and can help elevate your preschool marketing efforts. For parents seeking reliable daily reports about their child and updates in real-time about their child’s meals and participation in class activities, there’s no better solution than Illumine

Illumine Lead Management System

I paid a bomb for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and started getting inquiries instantly… said no preschool owner ever. Managing admission inquiries and sharing them with the management is an ordeal every daycare owner has nightmares about. You’re not alone. Here’s how we simplify things. 

Upon registering for your Illumine account, you can not only create and manage leads for your preschool, but also convert them into admissions. All you need to do is follow these simple steps to manage your inquiries through the lead CRM in Illumine. No, we are not redirecting you to another application and wasting your precious time. On your personalised Illumine dashboard, there’s a CRM feature in which you can:

  • Feed information about a new lead
  • Select a follow-up date to get a reminder (we all know we need that!)
  • Change the status of the lead (interested, waitlisted, or closed)
  • Filter out the leads based on the month, source (online, offline, or referral)
  • Give every filter a colour card for classification purposes

Are you hooked yet? Wait, there’s more. Illumine is giving you a free 11-day trial of the software for you to manage your leads with ease. Sign up for a free trial today to level up your preschool marketing game.

FAQs About Daycare Advertising

Q 1. What is the target market for daycare advertising?

The target market for daycare businesses is working parents that have an active lifestyle. 

Q 2. How do daycares increase revenue with daycare advertising?

With daycare advertisement, childcare businesses can increase enrollment, run an array of affiliate programs, and offer add-on services and products to increase their streams of revenue.

Q 3. How to advertise preschool on Facebook?

You can advertise your preschool on Facebook using paid ads, service page, free giveaways, and trending challenges, among other things. 

Q 4. How to supervise multiple branches of your preschool with this childcare management app?

Illumine offers you the possibility of adding multiple preschool branches to your account


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